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Central Europe and Africa: How to foster business growth and innovation collaboration?

Stage 4 Agribusiness - Production - Transformation agricole Biodiversité Construction - Smart Cities - Urbanisme Distribution - distribution alimentaire  Economies sociales et solidaires Environnement - Energies renouvelables - Économie circulaire Industries culturelles et créatives Innovation - Tech - Numérique Mobilité - Transports Partenariat Afrique-Europe

14/12/2021 | 13h00 - 13h40 | Digital


The countries of Central Europe (CE) are rediscovering their old relations with Africa. According to Stefan Cibian from Chatham House, “the CE countries have recently realized the importance of being better connected globally, including Africa. But, while recent developments show a growing mutual interest between the countries of the two regions, the path to stronger re-engagement is by no means without challenges.” Against this backdrop, what are the barriers? How can they be overcome? Can SMEs and startups increase economic ties with the continent? How can actors bring innovation ecosystems in Central Europe and Africa closer? The panel will seek to answer, among others, these questions with a view of providing a concrete framework on how to enhance cooperation and harness the relationship between Central Europe and the continent.

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