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EMERGING Ecosystem Egypt : A Gateway to the Egyptian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Stage 4 Agribusiness - Production - Transformation agricole Biodiversité Construction - Smart Cities - Urbanisme Distribution - distribution alimentaire  Economies sociales et solidaires Education - EdTech - R&D Entrepreneuriat féminin Environnement - Energies renouvelables - Économie circulaire Financement - Investissement - FinTech Industries culturelles et créatives Innovation - Tech - Numérique Mobilité - Transports Partenariat Afrique-Europe Santé - eSanté Territoire - Aix-Marseille-Provence

14/12/2021 | 17h40 - 18h25 | Digital


This panel is focused on revealing the great potential of the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem through a comprehensive discussion among key players & experts that are orchestrating its development and expanding its reach.
The panel kicks off by exposing the evolution of the ecosystem over the past 10 years and the progress that is currently taking place.
The panel then sheds the light on the existing enablers highlighting the various services and support they are currently availing to startups along with their futuristic vision for advancing the ecosystem. The speakers also discuss the investment landscape and appetite for startups from early stage moving on to different growth stages in the region in addition to how COVID has changed the investment scene and opened new channels for tech entrepreneurship.

The panel as well clarifies the new uprising sectors and the openness of the ecosystem to the African and International dimensions for business development and matchmaking.

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