28 november 2023 - Thecamp
At the heart of innovation and transcontinental collaboration, Emerging Valley stands out for its celebration of excellence with the awarding of three prestigious prizes. These awards, more than a mere tribute, symbolize a shared ambition: to build a future where innovative solutions and strategic partnerships fuel economic and social development between Europe and Africa. Join us on the Main Stage at EMERGING Valley to honor the pioneers and visionaries shaping the landscape of entrepreneurship and research across these two dynamic continents.

IRD Innovation Awards

A successful collaboration between Africa and France is celebrated at Emerging Valley with the IRD Innovation Awards. These honorary awards will be presented to innovators whose research contributes to solving crucial societal and environmental problems. This solemn moment will highlight the positive impact of collaborative research between Africa and France, emphasizing the importance of scientific and technological innovation in sustainable development and its potential to transform ideas into concrete solutions on a global scale.

Med'Innovant Africa Award Ceremony

The Med'Innovant Africa Award, carried by the Euroméditerranée Public Development Authority, is a symbol of commitment to sustainable urban innovation. The award ceremony, taking place on the mainstage at Emerging Valley in thecamp, is a prestigious acknowledgment for entrepreneurs strengthening economic ties between Europe and Africa via the Aix-Marseille-Provence region. This accolade, presented in the presence of renowned jurors, is a testament to the vitality and creativity of transcontinental partnerships and their capacity to shape the cities of tomorrow.

Provence Africa Connect Award Ceremony

The Provence Africa Connect Award, supported by the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, celebrates entrepreneurship that crosses borders and enriches the economic fabric between Europe and Africa. In the presence of influential representatives from Africalink and French Tech Aix-Marseille, the award will be given to a local company that has developed the most significant partnership with Africa. The ceremony, held at Pharo, is a vibrant tribute to successful collaborations and a key moment where the laureates will have the opportunity to present their innovative project on stage, in front of an international audience.
These awards are at the heart of Emerging Valley's commitment to stimulating innovation, encouraging scientific and technological cooperation, and strengthening economic ties. They serve as a springboard for entrepreneurs and researchers, amplifying their impact and visibility on the international stage!